The administration has clipped your wings! Fight back in the only sensible way you know – slowly altering reality to give society another chance.

Migrate is a roguelike platformer that pits a raucous and ridiculous cast of birds against a dark fantasy setting. The migration to your ancestral home is a treacherous tradition, and no place for a screaming child with a stick. Luckily, your quantum immortality and general disregard for the fourth wall give you an advantage over other birds.


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What's planned for Migrate? Our roadmap is a guide on what to expect from Migrate's development.

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Meet the Team

Michael Raleigh ("Anapsys")

Content Creator/Project Lead. A multimedia artist with scattered talents, Michael strives to weave an irreverant, deadpan comedic masterpiece. Found in a cereal aisle near you.

Amber Watson

Website developer/Storyboard writer. Lover of Dogs, Coffee, and baked goods. (Yes, in that order)

Andrew Evans

Social Media Outreach intern. Having lived in many extremes of the world, he's confident when he says "I don't care what you put on my site bio".


Additional art

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Author: Anapsys

First published: 12/11/2019

Last updated: 12/11/2019