Hang tight!

Migrate's previous demo has been discontinued.

A new game and demo are being developed from the engine up! This is will be a long process.

In the meantime, you can follow along with development on our Discord, or wait to be notified through our newsletter.



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Old download

If you so desire, you may download the UNSUPPORTED old demo through Itch.io.

Meet the Team

Michael Raleigh ("Anapse")

Content Creator/Project Lead. A multimedia artist with scattered talents, Michael strives to weave an irreverant, deadpan comedic masterpiece. Found in a cereal aisle near you.

Amber Watson

Website developer/Storyboard writer. Lover of Dogs, Coffee, and baked goods. (Yes, in that order)

Contact us

For all inquiries please contact anapse-entertainment@anapse.net

Author: Anapsys

First published: Dec 11 2019

Last updated: Aug 6 2021